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Who is Sarah K. Lenz?

I’m a literary writer and educator. My debut essay collection, What Will Outlast Me?, will be published by Unsolicited Press in 2023. What Will Outlast Me? is about the moments when death brushed near, but I felt more alive. I write about a cancer diagnosis, car wrecks, house fires, and other ordinary tragedies, which become surprisingly sublime.

Contemplation, including meditation, is the foundation of my spiritual and creative practice


I’ve taught writing for over 15 years and am the founder of Writers’ Studio, a community-based literary arts education program, so I have lots of experience connecting with people who want to learn to write and be more creative.

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Sarah K. Lenz

Essayist. Literary Arts Educator. Founder of Writers' Studio. Writing about how spirituality intersects with creativity for anyone seeking inspiration from daily life.